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State Operations


*** Create Equipment Cost Analysis File for Upload *** 


Submitting your equipment cost analysis data to the DOT via the Maintenance Program Management (MPM) system requires you to create a file with summarized annual costs and revenue for each of your units and upload the file into the MPM system. Use the CHEMS State Operations report to create the spreadsheet required.


Equipment Cost Analysis


The required MPM equipment cost analysis template is a summarized spreadsheet of costs and revenue for each unit in the year you specify. Limit the report to your own county equipment that you have configured as "state" agreement units and regular repair costs. Run the CHEMS R)eports, P)eriod, E)quipment, S)tate Operation program.

  • Report Options
    Select the report year, the start and end date will automatically reflect the entire year, make sure it's the entire year. You must include all 12 months of depreciation so your file includes all depreciation expense for the year.
  • Selected Items
    Select your county equipment cost by selecting the work order type(s) that apply to your equipment. The cost analysis should only include regular repair costs.  Select only those costs, typically "regular", to exclude any major repairs or other types of expense that are not part of the regular repair cost. Be sure to specify "Y" for the "State Agree" option so only those units you configured as "State Agree" units will be included.
  • Output Options
    The output device should set to "Screen" and the size set to "standard" or "extended".



Create and save the Cost Analysis Template

  1. Run the cost analysis report  by hitting 'F9' or clicking on "Save/Run".

  2. Select the work order type(s) you want to include on the report. Usually "COUNTY-R" but yours may be different or include additional types. Click OK.

  3. Select the work order kind(s) you want to include on the report. Usually "REGULAR" and click OK.

  4. Select only those units that are marked as "State Agreement" in the Equipment master and click OK to run the report to the screen.

  5. To save the equipment cost data in the spreadsheet format required for upload click on the printer icon in the upper left corner to open the printer options box.

  6. Check the "Print to File" box and select the XLS Data file type, specify a valid filename / location and click on OK to create the template file. Be sure the file extension (The dot and what follows the name itself) matches the type of file you selected.  In this case the extension should be ".xls".  Click "OK" to create the file.

  7. Partial example of what the equipment cost upload file contains.




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