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admin Posted: 02-04-2006 1:58 PM
A new version of CHEMSPRO is ready for testing!


The inventory master screen is ready for testing.  Hopefully this will help tie everything together now that you can see and edit a master record.  I really hope you all agree this single inventory screen is better than separate inventories.  With the additional flexibility there may be a need for some additional training.  Let me know what you think...


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Popups on the "old" inventory screens will contain other counties information.  You can use the old screens but don't use the popups.

Pending approval of the single inventory master screen - the inventory configuration screens need to be converted to a single screen too.  Some of the options on them are also out of date like import template name and prefix letter.

I moved the "old" inventory master screens to a "retired" menu option.
I just discovered that you may be able to delete a warehouse with a quantity on hand. 


Test the single inventory master screen.  I need an irreversible yes or no on the single master screen and whole "generic inventory" concept.

CHEMS Support - Jon Gray

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CW>  Tried to delete warehouse #3 from the fuel category. It is called "oil tanks". Got an error message that I specified an invalid warehouse or trying to delete a warehouse assigned to master.  Ran a report for fuel category and checked fuel category masters.  The only valid warehouses attached to fuel category inventory are 1,2 and 4.  This must have happened because of however you did conversion separating fuel and lube.  When F/L was combined, 3 was valid warehouse for lubes.
The same thing happened when I tried to delete invalid classes for fuel.  (They used to be valid for fuel and lube, but are not valid for fuel only).  Will not let me delete. Ran a report, only two valid classes attached to fuel category inventory master:  diesel and gas.
Although I think you are trying to help by splitting F/L in the conversion process, I would rather have control of the split and warehouses, classes, etc., unless you can change the conversion process to apply logic to our existing inventory setups (ie: warehouse 3 called oil tanks should not convert for fuel, only lube).  I think it would be easier for all to let each County make those decisions after conversion. 
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