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CHEMSPRO 2015 Year End Reminder

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Jon Gray Posted: 12-28-2015 8:09 AM

Please keep the following things in mind as we go through year end.  You will need a CHEMSPRO admin user in your county to perform these tasks.

2016 Equipment Rates
The updated equipment rates are available via CHEMSPRO.  If you haven’t already updated your rates please read this CHEMS web site post for the details:

Inventory Usage Rollover
After you complete your 2015 inventory processing and before you begin 2016 transactions you should ‘roll’ your inventory usage totals to prepare for 2016.  Run the ‘A)nnual, M)ove YTD Qty Used’ program once to roll over your annual inventory usage totals.

2016 Job Activities
After you finish your 2015 transactions and before you begin charging jobs in 2016 you need to create activities in your jobs for 2016.  Run the ‘T)ools, J)obs, N)ew Activities’ program.  You want to ‘'Take from year' = 2015 and 'Setup New Year' = 2016. 

This should be done right at year end, probably the first week of January for most of you.  When you run the program your active jobs (those that don’t have an end or close date) will have activities created in them for 2016 AND the default activity will be set for the 2016 activity code.  So after you run this you will still be able to charge in 2015 but you won’t get any default activities for 2015, so again do this after your 2015 transactions are for the most part complete and before you charge jobs in 2016.

Equipment Cost Analysis
Use CHEMS to submit your equipment cost analysis data for 2015.  You still need to send in the spreadsheet as you have in the past however, this year (for 2015) you should also submit your equipment cost analysis data directly via the CHEMS "state" program option.  A PDF of the power-point presentation outlining the steps to submit your data can be found here:

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