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CHEMSPRO 2016 Equipment Rates Ready in Production (OP08)

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Jon Gray Posted: 12-15-2015 12:10 PM

JG> The CHEMSPRO equipment rates have been loaded into the PROD (OP08) server.  Thank you Crystal for verifying the rates.
To load them into your CHEMS system -

  • You must be a CHEMSPRO admin user
  • Run the T)ools, E)quipment, N)ew Rates program
  • Run the R)eports, S)etup, E)quipment, C)lass report with a 1/1/2016 effect date.
  • Manually update CY vs TON rates if needed
  • Manually update rates for variable class ratings such as welders
  • Check/update your composite rates if you use them

It's up to you/each individual county to verify you are charging the correct equipment rates when compared to the DOT Extranet Chapter 2 posting.
Any county can run the rate update program now.  The first few that do should verify your equipment rates please post your results.   There is NO requirement however to use this program, you can update your rates manually if desired. 

You can update the rates now without harming your system or at year end before you start using them.
       Again, the first few counties should share their results by posting a reply to this post.

The STATE rate report showing what the State Rates are (  R)eports, S)etup, E)quipment, S)tate Rates ) has a problem with the lump sum vs hourly for a few rates.  Refer to chapter 2 on the DOT Extranet for an accurate listing of the 2016 rates.

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