County Highway Expenditure Microcomputer System


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Jon Gray Posted: 12-10-2015 3:25 PM

A new version of CHEMSPRO has been posted.
Manual Download:
CHEMSPRO conatins a number of reporting changes, RTVision changes, exports and sets up Kenosha Parks in production.  This release also contains an option on the equipment report to only show units with add-on or major repairs to help identify which units will be impacted when I fix the depreciation routines.

This release is for all servers including Production (OP08).


Pick the "CLOSED IN CURRENT RELEASE" report option.  It contains more
detail about the completed requests than what is listed here.

Kenoparks       Matt            3941 CHEMSPRO - Move Kenosha Parks Into Production
Langlade         Crystal        3940 CHEMSPRO - Labor Master Report Termination Date 
DOT                Tom            3939 CHEMSPRO - DOT LOS Report Changes
CHEMS           SUPPORT 3938 CHEMSPRO - Removed Extended Option Labor LOS Report 
Sauk               Stephanie   3937 CHEMSPRO - Secondary Sort on Voucher Audit List
Sauk               Stephanie   3936 CHEMSPRO - Secondary Sort on Voucher Prepost
RTVision         Melissa      3935 CHEMSPRO - RTVision Changes Waupaca and Marquette
LaCrosse        Krista         3934 CHEMSPRO - Minor RTVision Import Change Lacrosse
BeaverDam    Karen         3933 CHEMSPRO - Missing Labor Audit List Option
Annual Train   2015           3932 CHEMSPRO - Major / Addon Master Report Option
BeaverDam    Karen         3931 CHEMSPRO - Labor Summary Export CSV Option
SUPPORT      CHEMS     3930 CHEMSPRO - ECA Auto Submit Minor Change
Juneau            Jeff            3929 CHEMSPRO - Juneau County Fuel Import CSV
Lacrosse         Krista         3924 CHEMSPRO - LaCrosse County Import Job Default
Lacrosse         Krista         3923 CHEMSPRO - Add RTVision Support for LaCrosse County

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When I installed the update I got the following error message:

runtime error in setup script  Line 13: Attempting to get value of undefined variable UPDATE_CONFIGURE

After I cleared the message, the update loaded.

The term date on the labor master setup report is great! - Sorry I could not check it out in test server.



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