County Highway Expenditure Microcomputer System


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BarronJH Posted: 11-17-2015 12:05 PM

We are having issues with one of our pieces of equipment changing in the master screen without us changing it.  On 11/11/15, I changed our equipment #00213E to say N under "fuel taxed" in the master screen.  I was positive I had done it before but couldn't prove it.  This time I KNOW I did it.  Today, it shows up as Y in the master screen again.  We've changed it back again and then I refreshed my local data and it remains as N in the master this time.  Why is this happening??  

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JG> It would be very unusual to have a single field of a record change on it's own.  More likely would be something to corrupt an entire record or not save changes properly which I guess could have happened the first time.

Could it be someone else in your county? 

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