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TEST (OA08) Server Upgrade Pending

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admin Posted: 07-07-2015 2:32 PM

JG> We are in the process of upgrading the TEST (OA08) and DEV (OD08) server to new hardware. It will remain online until we make the switch over so there will likely be some down time where you are not able to log into TEST (OA08) or DEV (OD08).    It may also go offline unexpectedly so you could lose some entries.

Because this is a Test / Dev environment I don't have any control of when the switch will take.  I'm guessing sometime this week but I can't give a date/time.

This change will NOT IMPACT the Production (OP08) systems in any way.


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JG> The TEST (OA08) and DEV (OD08) servers have been moved to new hardware.  You should be able to log into them normally.  Please let me know if something isn't working as expected.

All CHEMS servers are functional as of 1:30PM 7/9/15.

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