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Think Twice About Doing Lots of Repetitive Updates...

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admin Posted: 10-20-2015 12:59 PM
JG> If anyone finds themselves in CHEMS doing a large quantity of changes or updates that are repetitive I might be able to do them for you directly on the database quite easily. I ran into a county at the training that was in the process of changing a "," (Comma's) in the inventory master record description field to "-" (Dashes) because the commas were fouling up the export / import year end PIC process that Duane's year end inventory session covered. I was able to run a few commands on the database and updated more than 900 records for the county in question so they didn't have to go into each record, update and save it. That's not counting the several hundred they had already done by hand. So it never hurts to ask, if you are doing something like replacing commas, want the barcode field updated to the part ID or something similar/repetitive give me a shout. I might be able to run something on the database for you saving lot's of time and the frustration of doing repetitive updates.
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