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Locking Up

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Tricia Prine Posted: 07-21-2015 1:33 PM

Dane County is having connection issues.  We're getting gateway timeout errors along with "external exception".  Can't run reports at this point.  Both PROD1 & PROD2.  Is it just us?

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JG> Prod #1 report server looked like it had an issue and reset.  Prod #2 seems OK but if trouble continues let me know and I will reset it manually.

All servers are functional as of 2:40PM 7/21/15.

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We seem to be okay now.  Thanks.

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For the least 2 individuals way up here in Door County had lock-up issues on both servers yesterday afternoon...right around the 2:30pm time-frame.  All was good when I followed up with them after I came out of a meeting at 3:30pm.  Just thought that I would share...

Happy Wednesday!



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